Water, fruit, snorkel gear & fishing gear always on the boat! Brand NEW 33 foot CENTER CONSOLE AS SOON AS APRIL 2024!!


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Yes, Dos Reyes the boat is very safe. Dos Reyes is built and Approved by the US Coast Guard for up to 16 passengers. Additionally, Dos Reyes carriers US Coast Guard approved life vests, and signaling devices including ship to shore radio, pistol launch flares and hand flares. All Captains are fully licensed as Commercial Captains. Dos Reyes is also insured so all passengers are protected. Additionally, Dos Reyes is out fitted with electric GPS, compass and four batteries so motors and electronics have separate power sources. Safety is our #1 concern on Dos Reyes being 46 miles from mainland.

Dos Reyes is a comfortable open bow, Center Counsel Boat. The seats are 4 inch marine grade cushioned seats. Dos Reyes has 1 large 4 foot cooler and 1 medium size cooler for keeping drinks and food cold.  

First safety is our Captains #1 concern! If conditions are changing our Captains know what is required to be 100% safe. Remember on Dos Reyes the Captain is 100% in charge and if the Captain states a need to go to shore that is exactly what needs to be followed. We cannot control the weather of the seas but all the Captains use and monitor weather, sea and GPS data from other boats and Captains. Please remember it can appear nice but weather moves in fast on the ocean. Please always listen to the Captain it is for your family and friends safety.

If we are Deep Sea fishing, trolling is the best method. The crew will get 4 to 6 lines out. We will use different lures to attract Tuna, Wahoo, Baracuda and Mahi Mahi (Dorado). Please ask the Captain questions. 

If you want to chage to snorkeling or visiting an island let the Captain know. We can change the trip if you want something different. 

Dos Reyes does not have a head (bathroom term for Marine crafts) however Captains know locations that can be stopped at for bathroom breaks. Please ask the Captain early for some bathrooms might be a 30 minute drive or more.

Communication is always best! Email us in advance let us know dates you will be in Roatan and dates you like to consider for being on Dos Reyes. We cannot guarantee the weather but we can view moon and tide charters to have a bit of idea for better dates. Most weather forecasts are 10 days and we can secure a day in that time frame. We do require 50% deposit for all bookings however if the weather is not looking favorable, we can move the deposit to another day if possible or a refund if you communicate with us at least 24 hours before departure. If you fail to communicate and cancel last minute, we have a 20% cancellation fee. The great thing is Roatan, is in the Caribbean and the weather is great 95% of the time for enjoying ocean time on Dos Reyes.  

You will be in the Caribbean Ocean, on a boat for 4 to 8 hours. Bring sunglasses, hat, sun screen, and a towel. A rash guard shirt is good for the reef gives a nasty road rash if you rub against the reef. Any long sleeve shirt works.

Yes, There is a 140 Quarter cooler under the Captain's Bench. If you go to add ons yu can buy water, soda, beer, wine, fruit, or snacks. You could bring your own, also.

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